Friday, June 15, 2012


small things just turn my world upside down and just ruin everything. .im trying my best avoid all the little things that make me unhappy..i try to distract my mind and sit quite in a corner.maybe everything happens , happens for surfing internet and found this from google.

"we can compare life as ocean and we as sailors.If God will just allow calm ocean, then we will not know how to be strong. We just know how to sail in calm oceans. But what if storms came? What if there will be strong winds and waves? How can we fight such circumstances? How can we deal with the storms, strong winds and angry waves if what we only know is how to deal with calm oceans?Isn't it if we know how to deal with those conflicts, then we can tell to ourselves that we can overcome those things because it just happened before. We can overcome it because we already experienced it before. life is a roller coaster. There are ups and downs. If you go up, you will have to fall sometime. That's natural. You can be winning today, but you will lose tomorrow. You cannot be always going up, otherwise there will be no way to finish the ride. If you go down, then remember that, to finish the ride, you will have to go up in order to align with the station."  
yes, it is really slow to go up. it takes a lot of time to keep going up and up and up. but, to fall, you can do that in seconds.falling just makes us human and problems should be a part of our life.
and for me life is like a stairway..step by step, 1 step, 2 step 3 step, and yes, here we go.

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